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June 2, 2019

Listen to Ken Paulson Interview Pat Byrne 

KUTX in Studio Recording

April 22, 2019

Listen to the recent  recorded in Studio Interview and performance from KUTX of Pat Byrne Here

Pat Byrne at Saxon Pub. An Irishman who’s at least temporarily relocated to Austin this year, Byrne has quickly become an artist that everyone who goes out to hear music regularly in Austin needs to catch. The guess here is that he’ll be playing far larger rooms before long; he’s too good of a songwriter, and singer, to not reach his level. ”

Peter Blackstock - Austin American Statesman

The results — Irish Americana, by turns rollicking and resonating, that’s driven by his gruff growl of a voice — suggest that he’s one to keep an eye on. ”

— Stuart Munro, The Boston Globe

RITUALS - LP Out Soon - Single Availible Now!! on All Major Download and Streaming Platforms

Out Now  - Click image to for iTunes

Out Now - Click image to for iTunes

‘Rituals” is a cry of frustration on behalf of anyone who took the road less travelled. For artists and dreamers who’ve decided they don’t want to follow the template for life that has become “normal” and expected. Study hard for your Leaving Cert, Go to College, get a good job, make as much money as possible, marry someone before it’s too late, have kids, raise them to do the same. 

My life has certainly not been easy or “normal”. But I couldn’t be happier with my decisions. I’ve always found it fulfilling and rewarding to create music, and to follow the high that I get from performing. Money has never been my motivation.  

People who chose to take chances and follow their dreams constantly field questions like “When are you going to get a real job?”, or,  “When are you going to grow up and take life seriously?”. This song is for all of those people.

Pat Byrne's new LP release scheduled for early November 2018

After several months writing, recording, and gigging in the Texas Hill Country Pat has returned home to Ireland and is delivering a fresh new sound, honed by the Austin Americana scene. Living in America can change the way you look at things, and it’s evident that Pat Byrne’s new material has is a brilliant synthesis of his Irish roots and Americana. 

“Spending time in America has always been on my list and living in Austin, one of the most vibrant music scenes, has opened up a whole new world of music to me. That said, It’s good to go home. I hate to leave, but I’ll be back soon.”   PB

Next stop: Pat is recording in the world-famous Windmill Lane studios in Dublin, where artists such as The Rolling Stones, Ed Sheeran, David Bowie, U2, Van Morrison and many other greats have recorded. Pat is releasing the first single of his new studio LP in July… stay tuned.   

Also, if you haven’t checked out the latest videos on www.facebook.com/patbyrneofficial , please do.  


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